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  • My dentures would never fit properly. Whenever I ate I would gag and food would always get stuck underneath my palate. If I had to talk in public I was sure to have some extra denture paste on hand. I thank Dr. Lasorsa so much for stabilizing my denture and removing that god awful palate. Dr. Lasorsa was able to place a few mini implants in just about an hour. Now my denture is stable and secure. I wish I had done this years ago!

    Tracy Simmons

    Toll Collector

  • I used to be very shy because of my missing tooth. At first I was very afraid of the dentist but after meeting Dr. Lasorsa and his staff, they all made me feel very comfortable. Before I knew it my procedure was over. I never expected everything to be completed so quickly and without any pain. Dr. Lasorsa gave me pain medicine but I didn’t even need to use it. Thank you Dr. Lasorsa for restoring my smile!

    Eric Smith

    Project Engineer